Dental Cleaning and Examinations Port Chester, NY

Dental cleaning is a crucial part of regular dental checkups and examinations. It keeps the smile healthy and free of disease. The dental cleaning process includes plaque removal, flossing, polishing, and an examination of the gums. Those who keep up with their regular appointments and at-home oral hygiene routine should experience simple and efficient dental cleaning appointments.

A specialized dental professional is responsible for this part of a dental examination and will answer any questions someone might have, help address their oral health concerns, and provide guidance on how they can keep their smile in the best shape possible. To schedule your dental cleaning, contact our LB Dental P.C. team at (914) 908-5459 today.

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    Dental cleaning infographic: During a dental cleaning, a trained professional removes plaque or tartar from the teeth.
    Dental cleaning infographic: Without routine dental cleanings, patients run the risk of poor oral health by way of cavities and gum disease.
    Dental cleaning infographic: Most people should receive a dental cleaning twice a year.
    Dental cleaning infographic: At home, patients should brush at least twice daily and floss once nightly.